A Tattoo of a Quill



Summer Closeness

  The scorching hot city summer has arrived. Everyone has plugged in the air conditioners. The unforgiving drone is constant and relentless, sprinkled with sounds like hail or a small something typing away on a typewriter deep inside the machine.... Continue Reading →




Can’t See

I can’t find my glasses, and my eyes are in too much pain to replace them with contact lenses. The branches and the leaves in the trees all blur together into a Monet. When I try to look further, I... Continue Reading →


I have been forced out of my home. It doesn’t feel the same as it did yesterday morning. I knew the walls and trusted that the foundation. Today my home betrays me with memories that make me close my eyes... Continue Reading →

Missed Connections

Missed Connections:If you go to Craigslist, there is a “Missed Connections” section where you can find some interesting story lines to inspire your writing.   “If I disappeared in January.. - w4m (York pa) hide this posting ..It might not have been intentional.... Continue Reading →

Great Minds

I fell in love when I was 14 but it wasn’t with who I thought it was. I thought I was in love with a senior, who was tall and lanky and had a goofy face and spoke in a... Continue Reading →

My Definition

Fault: Every extra ounce of fat; crude behavior; overbearing attitude; clinginess; irritability; unmotivated; unkind; unfriendly; desperate; Everything negative that has happened to me or ever will happen to me; everything negative that happens to other people when I’m around; Antonym... Continue Reading →

Journal Prompt 16

I wonder if everyone really is addicted to something. I don’t know. Addiction is a subjective experience. It’s not what you think it is and it’s not how it’s portrayed anywhere I’ve ever seen. Addiction goes beyond substance abuse or... Continue Reading →

Hello Again

Hello again to the Familiar, unfamiliar Face of hopelessness, helplessness Lack of guidance, lack of care   Hello again to the Cold, the cold, the cold Shorter days, and longer nights Darkness everywhere   Hello again to the Fuzzy head... Continue Reading →

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