A Tattoo of a Quill




I do this thing, I assume it's an anxiety thing, where whatever topic that comes up in conversation, all I can think about is the absolute worst angle you could take on that subject. Like yesterday, I was talking with... Continue Reading →



Dread lives with me like a ragged junk yard cat that wandered into my home one day and won't leave. It's there in the morning, on my drive into work--formless, forcing me to search for a reason I'm feeling this... Continue Reading →

Journal Prompt 16

I wonder if everyone really is addicted to something. I don’t know. Addiction is a subjective experience. It’s not what you think it is and it’s not how it’s portrayed anywhere I’ve ever seen. Addiction goes beyond substance abuse or... Continue Reading →


It’s funny that this journal prompt should be so difficult, because I feel like I’m always telling this story. Everything I write or speak or do, the undercurrent runs “I’m an addict. I’m an addict. I’m an addict.” I don’t... Continue Reading →


My dad hates small animals. Rodents, mostly. He’s a big man and mostly fearless, but when we kids chose to keep guinea pigs and rats as pets, his discomfort was palpable. He always warned us not to let them loose... Continue Reading →


My first dog was Mia. She was a yellow lab. She gave slobbery kisses and peed in the house. It’s one of the answers I always give to those security questions “Name of first pet,” or whatever. Please don’t steal... Continue Reading →


I am 9, with short blonde hair and a bright yellow tankini, walking around the pool at my summer camp, staring at the women in their bathing suits. I know what it is to be gay, and I know that... Continue Reading →

Eye Contact

I spend most of my time trying to avoid eye contact. I don't want to be seen, and I want to give others the courtesy of not seeing them. I imagine a world of ghosts passing through each other, silent... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

My parents voted for Trump. The thought is hard to swallow, like a dry pill that gets lodged in my esophagus half way down. It isn't choking me, but I can feel it there, unwelcome and awkward and starting to... Continue Reading →

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