A Tattoo of a Quill




Samuel's eyes felt hot and dry and sticky, like they were cooking in his head. Hell, they might be, he thought, and then immediately regretted it. The fire was all around now, a roaring, swirling wall of chaotic irony, mocking... Continue Reading →



I have been forced out of my home. It doesn’t feel the same as it did yesterday morning. I knew the walls and trusted that the foundation. Today my home betrays me with memories that make me close my eyes... Continue Reading →


I don't know. Where do you go when you've built something that is now gone? I keep just going in circles: Jim's, Tara and Kate's, my aunt's. They're all sick of me. How can someone take something from you and... Continue Reading →

Truth and Beauty

I tell her that she's beautiful, but I don't know how to make her believe me. "Would I lie?" I think to say, but the rhetoric rings false. Of course I would lie. I lie almost without ceasing, all the... Continue Reading →

Podcast Dreams

Astrid was a sabotnichav, which meant she had certain abilities that others did not. She could run fast, and was stronger than she had right to be, although being of sturdy build and strong stock she would probably have been... Continue Reading →

The Goddamn Cat

As Louise looked at her, with her short-but-not-short, dark-brown hair, and her antelope legs and thighs (the woman must have been at least 6 feet), she remembered what it was like to care about eye contact—or to even consider whether... Continue Reading →

In Its Heart

The ship groans around me like a living thing, and I can hear the far off thrumming of its engines like the rushing of blood in my own ears. It sways rhythmically under my feet, and I feel as though... Continue Reading →

Can We Meet IRL?

Listen, I know no one is going to be making a romantic comedy about this. You and me, the way we started, it's unconventional, and not in the wacky doctor/patient "we fell in love when I removed that burrowing parasite... Continue Reading →

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