A Tattoo of a Quill




The nicest man I ever meant made a conscious effort to be that way, and always checked in to see whether he was doing a good job at it. I think about that every time I fall short.



I do this thing, I assume it's an anxiety thing, where whatever topic that comes up in conversation, all I can think about is the absolute worst angle you could take on that subject. Like yesterday, I was talking with... Continue Reading →

Cast by the light

Where you are loud, I am silent but your noise creates and sustains me Your laughter tells my story Your words craft my features Where you bring light and life I am still and dark You can pour all of... Continue Reading →

Closed Door

A door that smells like Cigarettes and old paper ajar although shut


Samuel's eyes felt hot and dry and sticky, like they were cooking in his head. Hell, they might be, he thought, and then immediately regretted it. The fire was all around now, a roaring, swirling wall of chaotic irony, mocking... Continue Reading →


Dread lives with me like a ragged junk yard cat that wandered into my home one day and won't leave. It's there in the morning, on my drive into work--formless, forcing me to search for a reason I'm feeling this... Continue Reading →

Week 24: Numbers

24. Numbers:¬†Write a poem or journal entry about numbers that have special meaning to you. I don't know. I don't like numbers, and I don't think they've ever liked me. There's a malevolence to numbers, a sort of hostile, exclusionary... Continue Reading →

Freeze Frame

I was going through this phase where I dressed like Inspector Gadget. I don't remember why. I wore fingerless gloves and an oversized trenchcoat I bought at a thrift store, and a hat that I thought looked like a fedora... Continue Reading →


I don't know. Where do you go when you've built something that is now gone? I keep just going in circles: Jim's, Tara and Kate's, my aunt's. They're all sick of me. How can someone take something from you and... Continue Reading →

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