A Tattoo of a Quill


July 2017


The nicest man I ever meant made a conscious effort to be that way, and always checked in to see whether he was doing a good job at it. I think about that every time I fall short.



I do this thing, I assume it's an anxiety thing, where whatever topic that comes up in conversation, all I can think about is the absolute worst angle you could take on that subject. Like yesterday, I was talking with... Continue Reading →

Cast by the light

Where you are loud, I am silent but your noise creates and sustains me Your laughter tells my story Your words craft my features Where you bring light and life I am still and dark You can pour all of... Continue Reading →

Summer Closeness

  The scorching hot city summer has arrived. Everyone has plugged in the air conditioners. The unforgiving drone is constant and relentless, sprinkled with sounds like hail or a small something typing away on a typewriter deep inside the machine.... Continue Reading →

Closed Door

A door that smells like Cigarettes and old paper ajar although shut

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