A Tattoo of a Quill


May 2017

Freeze Frame

I was going through this phase where I dressed like Inspector Gadget. I don't remember why. I wore fingerless gloves and an oversized trenchcoat I bought at a thrift store, and a hat that I thought looked like a fedora... Continue Reading →




Can’t See

I can’t find my glasses, and my eyes are in too much pain to replace them with contact lenses. The branches and the leaves in the trees all blur together into a Monet. When I try to look further, I... Continue Reading →


I have been forced out of my home. It doesn’t feel the same as it did yesterday morning. I knew the walls and trusted that the foundation. Today my home betrays me with memories that make me close my eyes... Continue Reading →


I don't know. Where do you go when you've built something that is now gone? I keep just going in circles: Jim's, Tara and Kate's, my aunt's. They're all sick of me. How can someone take something from you and... Continue Reading →

I can’t fucking write

My coworker looks like a woman from another time. She has long, thin hair which she wears half-up, twisted into a bun and fastened with a vintage hair comb. Her complexion is vaguely tubercular--pale with shining eyes and livid spots... Continue Reading →

Missed Connections

Missed Connections:If you go to Craigslist, there is a “Missed Connections” section where you can find some interesting story lines to inspire your writing.   “If I disappeared in January.. - w4m (York pa) hide this posting ..It might not have been intentional.... Continue Reading →

Great Minds

I fell in love when I was 14 but it wasn’t with who I thought it was. I thought I was in love with a senior, who was tall and lanky and had a goofy face and spoke in a... Continue Reading →

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