Anticipating 5 PM when you finished your work at 4:30

Trying not to arrive too early to a party

Waiting for the doctors to come out when you’re not allowed back where the action is

Willing the phone to ring

Checking the mailbox day after day after day after day after day after day

Is it too early to say “I love you?”

Waiting for them to say it first

Catching school closures at “D” when your school district starts with “C”

Two of your friends are talking and you have a joke that’s rapidly going stale, you just need a break in the conversation to deliver it

Too late to go to bed, too early to get ready for work

Hoping sleep is just around the corner

The cop running your information in the car behind yours

Texting “Are you okay?”

Texting “Are you dead?”

Letting them text you first

The red light at an empty intersection

The road work sign on your way to the hospital where your partner is alone and their only parent isn’t breathing on his own

Waiting for your partner to get a towel while you lay flat on your back careful not to move

The airport