I overhear conversations all the time. Well, at least enough of a conversation to know what everyone is talking about. They’re all talking about me. They know everything there is to know about me. I see them looking at me and then looking away quickly so that I don’t notice. They’re all a part of this game-testing me to see if I figure it out. I hear their laughter when they think I’m not listening. I hear words, like: She, stupid, know, happen, and my name. Over and over again. I can even hear them when I’m in my house by myself. I look in the kitchen, under the bed, in the closet, behind the shower curtain, even in places that people couldn’t fit like under the sink and in the dryer. How can they make it so I can still hear them? Laughing and laughing at my gullibility and my ignorance. I never sleep. When I do manage to close my eyes for a few minutes, I fall asleep to the sound of their laughter. I’m alone and afraid of everyone. I wake up to the sound of laughter and notice it’s my own, and finally, I am part of the game. I figured it out.