From The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide by Rev. Peter Morales


Centrality ✔

Hymns ✔

Sin ✔

Diabolical ✔

Grace ✔

Joy ✔

“White” ✔

“Of the Light” ✔

Beauty ✔

Time ✔

Humility of Heart✔


I don’t write poems. They don’t work for me. I had this book on my shelf from when I was exploring churches to find the right fit. I was a faith-inspector with a mostly rhetorical clipboard checking off things that were most spiritual or least spiritual in each house of worship I visited. I was trying to find someone else’s Grace. I only found cynicism in the Hymns. I was looking for Humility of Heart. I only found a more Diabolical depth in myself.

I kneel down to pray and I picture the “White” light of Time, Beauty, and Joy. Sin is the opposite: Black, Stagnant, Ugliness, and Despair. And yet, in the diabolical depth, the deepest part of me that demands the Absolute Truth, I know these associations aren’t true. God is Black, perhaps Stagnant. Beauty and ugliness and despair and Joy exist only in the mortal eye.