Dreams are hard for me to remember. Last night I dreamt of a woman who had the body of that one woman—what was her name? Kelly? A long torso, thin and perfect tits.  She has short hair and I know she’s not a lesbian because she had or has a husband, I forget how she said it—well, no, she has a child. A daughter. And I thought, well she’s not gay. But maybe she is.

Anyway, in the dream, I’m behind her grabbing her perfect tits and whispering something into her ear but I don’t remember what it was. She’s fully clothed and she loves it. I love it. I was traveling back and forth too. On public transportation, seeing her everywhere I went. There were sex workers involved? I can’t remember anymore. Something about the college I’m to be attending in the fall or spring. I woke up next to my male partner and my parents’ dog in my parents’ bed.