A Tattoo of a Quill


February 2017

Podcast Dreams

Astrid was a sabotnichav, which meant she had certain abilities that others did not. She could run fast, and was stronger than she had right to be, although being of sturdy build and strong stock she would probably have been... Continue Reading →



My first dog was Mia. She was a yellow lab. She gave slobbery kisses and peed in the house. It’s one of the answers I always give to those security questions “Name of first pet,” or whatever. Please don’t steal... Continue Reading →

Dream Transport

  Dreams are hard for me to remember. Last night I dreamt of a woman who had the body of that one woman—what was her name? Kelly? A long torso, thin and perfect tits.  She has short hair and I... Continue Reading →


I am 9, with short blonde hair and a bright yellow tankini, walking around the pool at my summer camp, staring at the women in their bathing suits. I know what it is to be gay, and I know that... Continue Reading →

The Goddamn Cat

As Louise looked at her, with her short-but-not-short, dark-brown hair, and her antelope legs and thighs (the woman must have been at least 6 feet), she remembered what it was like to care about eye contact—or to even consider whether... Continue Reading →

Rocket Ship

Panic turned her guts into snakes as she stared up at the silver obelisk, silhouetted against the sun.

Eye Contact

I spend most of my time trying to avoid eye contact. I don't want to be seen, and I want to give others the courtesy of not seeing them. I imagine a world of ghosts passing through each other, silent... Continue Reading →

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