A Tattoo of a Quill


January 2017

Food for Thought

My parents voted for Trump. The thought is hard to swallow, like a dry pill that gets lodged in my esophagus half way down. It isn't choking me, but I can feel it there, unwelcome and awkward and starting to... Continue Reading →


Journal Prompt 5

FOOD! Of course it’s food!! 2 creamer cups in my coffee this morning—what creamery did that come from? I didn’t even read the label. I can’t stop thinking about the two creamer cups. Why did I have to put it... Continue Reading →

Journal Prompt Two: Unrequited Love Poem

Fifteen, fiery eyes and an open heart That was me—not you A little bit manic and a little bit insane Anything but afraid Any reaction I received From you Was taken as a sign of …   (why did you... Continue Reading →


Like most of the people I know, I've been working through a lot since the election. And where I think I more or less landed is: I fucked up. For context: I am a white woman, the demographic largely credited... Continue Reading →


You tiptoe through blades of wet grass, dancing into moon beams that cut the night like glass. Your fingers shape pictures in the air, gentle and restless as birds. I want to hold you in my arms but I worry... Continue Reading →

New Author

I've added a new contributor to the blog! You'll start seeing her blog posts and journal prompts show up, possibly under her username Laterboners, or possibly under mine. I'm also going to make us each separate tags on the home... Continue Reading →

In Its Heart

The ship groans around me like a living thing, and I can hear the far off thrumming of its engines like the rushing of blood in my own ears. It sways rhythmically under my feet, and I feel as though... Continue Reading →

Can We Meet IRL?

Listen, I know no one is going to be making a romantic comedy about this. You and me, the way we started, it's unconventional, and not in the wacky doctor/patient "we fell in love when I removed that burrowing parasite... Continue Reading →

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